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I am all about celebrating the many anniversaries that are coming up in the next month. 4 years of working at my current job, 3 years of dating my boy, and 2 years of stitching my heart out! I recently dug back through my old blog, Spec-ta-cles, to try to pin point the first time that I picked up a hoop and tried my hand at embroidery. December 7, 2010, exactly two years ago today. I am so thankful that I was bored enough to give stitching a try.

This little teapot was my first embroidery attempt. The brain on the right is a current piece of stitching. I wanted to celebrate this special day by letting other stitchers show their progress. The following are submissions of early embroidery attempts and current pieces. These are stitchers of all levels. Some have been embroidering for a few months and others, for decades. 

The first submission is from Daniela Montelongo of Pompons Party. Daniela is an Architect and crafter from Mexico, based in Texas. Her work is extremely detailed and beautifully stitched. Check out her shop!

I am so excited to share these pieces from Rocio Peña, a/k/a @PinchePanDulce from Instagram. Pinche is one of my early Instagram friends. Our love for roller derby and embroidery brought us together. She is a part of the San Angelo Soul Sisters roller derby league and is such a bad ass stitcher. See more of her work on Instagram.

Candice Barnes is an Australian craft enthusiast, embroidery addict, occasional blogger, and works in the the behavioral health field. Sound familiar? I love my like minded stitchers. She attempted her first embroidery piece 10 years ago. She now has an adorable Etsy shop called Candykins Crafts. Be sure to check out her work.

The next submission is from Lauren Hicks of Lauren and Stitch on Etsy. Like myself, Lauren was also taught the art of embroidery by Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching. I love the detail in her pieces. 

Kate with Heisk submitted these photos to me and I was in complete awe. I have seen her current work floating around Pinterest and a few other sites. She stumbled upon embroidery just under 2 years ago as well. She has a really great website that is worthy of a click! 

A very new stitcher in the embroidery world, Lacy Moore, is one to watch out for. She's a ninga of sorts, a Ginger Ninja. Ginger is one of my roller derby sisters from Dead Girl Derby. Her talent for stitching makes me so proud. 

Last but not least is the newest stitcher of all! This is Melanie Aswell's first embroidery piece. @beeswaxand is a good Twitter and Instagram friend and I look forward to seeing more stitching from her! Connect with her at Beeswax and Lavender.

Thanks for all of the submissions and cheers to another year of stitching.

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  1. Wow, this is great! I love seeing everyones first works and how far we have all come!! Thanks Soo much HeyPaul for the lil Shoutout, It made my day:)


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