Lil' Stitch

9:54 PM

I've asked my niece a dozen times if I could teach her to stitch. She normally busies her 4 year old self with at least 3 other activities at a time and turns me down. At Baila's most recent visit, I gave her complete access to anything in my studio while we were hanging out up there. No drawers, closets, or canisters were off limits.
 I almost fell out of my chair when she approached me with a mini hoop and some thread. This will go down as a magical day in my mind. I hope to be able to share more Baila originals in the future.

Her reward for a hoop well done was the giant leaf pile that she had been eyeballing in our front yard. 

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  1. Awww... So adorable, I miss that lil artist. Great story!

  2. We can say that we knew her before she became famous :)


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