Stitcher Down!

3:10 PM

I've nearly survived my first week, post-op following shoulder surgery. I've been so blessed to have a boyfriend who had to go from architect to nurse overnight and handled it quite well. 
Physical ailments aside, the lack of stitching and skating in my life has been a real struggle. Skating is out of the question for at least the next 4 months. I likely have another few weeks before I can begin to stitch again and re-stock the shop at half capacity. 

Today has been a real turning point in the recovery process. I'll spare you the details but if you are facing any type of shoulder surgery in your future, feel free to contact me with any questions of what to expect, how it went for me, etc. It's a very uncomfortable recovery at it's temporarily debilitating, particularly if it is your dominate arm. Add allergies to pain medications, anxieties about the claustrophobic feelings of wearing the immobilizer brace for a couple months, and you have a tough first week or so once you return home.

Was derby worth the pain and financial burden? When I went down, I went down jamming. Being injured on skates does not feel like a badge of honor or a source of pride. It hurt. It still hurts. It is an expensive injury. But I knew all of this when I signed up. The benefits that I have found from derby could never be duplicated through any other source. I will be back on skates in some capacity. 

I'm beginning to feel some sparks of creativity, I'm out of bed, and I'm getting pretty speedy at left handed typing. I look forward to returning to the studio so stay tuned!

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