Set of 5 Vintage Greeting Cards and Envelopes

10:33 AM

5 small cards from the 1950's era. These are by far the most unique cards to present for the special occasion. 
Includes 3 baby shower cards, 2 thank you cards, and 1 wedding card. Includes the original envelopes. Cards and envelopes are blank and are free of hand writing. Discovered at the City Market in Kansas City, MO. Cards are approximately 3.4x4". In good condition. 
 Ships immediately. FREE SHIPPING. See Etsy listing here.

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  1. Where did you find these cards....very helpful for me..I wish to use it for Gift Card envelopes.

  2. These particular cards just sold out in my shop this week. I found them at a vintage fair in Kansas City. I will keep you in mind if I get more there!


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